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Advanced Event Management

  • Category Event Management Course

  • Course Fees Rs. 48,000/-

Course Information
  • Levels:
  • Start on:
    March-April 2019
  • Duration
    6 Months
  • Class Size:
    25 Students
  • Time:
    Select Batches
  • Location:
    Alkapuri, Vadodara, IND.

If you are passionate about managing events, you probably know that the career opportunities in event management are exciting, varied and rewarding (both personally and financially). Through this course you can decide which area of the industry you want to become an expert in. We will begin with explaining the amazing opportunities to have a successful career/business in this trillion dollar industry. Once you have completed this high level in-depth course, it will give you the opportunity to get a clear direction on which section of the industry you want to work in and equip yourself for applying directly to the work place or to improve your own career or business in Event Planning. This course will also help you to identify which area of the industry best suits your experience and knowledge. Imagine doing one or more of the following: ”

Identifying your Key Skills and Interests
  • Introduction
  • What are your key skills
  • How to use your experience effectively
  • What are the real opportunities in the industry
  • How to choose which area of the industry to best focus on
Review of existing Event Planning skills and knowledge 1
  • Client management and acquisition
  • Fulfilment of brief
  • Venue negotiations
  • Budget management
  • Catering
  • Transportation
Review of existing Event Planning skills and knowledge 2
  • Speakers coordination and management
  • Schedules
  • Team Management
  • Supplier Management
In-depth understanding of the Events Industry
  • Types of organizations in the industry
  • Types of jobs in the industry
  • How to maximize income potential as a career or business
  • Global exchange of skills set
Changing your job or position within the Events Industry
  • Understanding your true value
  • How to use your skills and experience to increase your income
  • How to avoid negative economic influences
  • Making the move from one area of the industry to another or into self-employment
Career vs Freelance/Own Business
  • Benefits of being part of a team
  • What kind of career can you expect
  • What it takes to be a freelancer or have your own business
  • What you need to start your own business or as a freelancer
Career industries in detail
  • Hotels and Conference venues
  • Event Management companies
  • Catering and Audio Visual and other suppliers to the industry
  • Associations and Nonprofits
  • Corporate companies
  • Booking Agencies
Freelance or Business Opportunities
  • What opportunities are there
  • How to plan and budget
  • Setting up your own business
  • Marketing, sales and budgeting
  • Connections and how to build your database
Key Strategies to have a successful career in Events
  • Development of Skills – Which key skills you need
  • How to best position yourself as the market expert in your career or business
  • Building the best contacts using social media
  • The value of your connections